Baby Bummit to Edinburgh!

Baby Bummit is back! And we’re heading to Edinburgh!
What is Baby Bummit?
It’s a one-day hitchhiking event where hundreds of Sheffield students set off to get to our destination for free, relying on the kindness and generosity of others. In your teams of two or three*, you’ll make signs, put your thumb out and flag down passing motorists. You’ll hear their stories, travel and make some unbelievable memories! When we get the, you’ll meet your fellow Bummiteers, have a meal and night out, and explore Edinburgh!
* for insurance reasons, all teams must include one male
Yes, hitchhiking is really possible! Committee have been hitchhiking over this summer and it’s been fine! Only the nicest people pick you up when hitchhiking which means you always have great conversations!
The best part:
It’s all for charity! Every participant has to raise £80 for local charities in Sheffield, but don’t worry, we’ll help you with setting up your online page, and with events like bake sales, RAG raids, house parties, selling glow sticks at SU nights, and more!
Tickets go on sale on 30th sep! All of the last 4 Baby Bummits have sold out, so don’t miss out! At a price of £30, join around 200 students and be part of the world’s largest student led charity hitchhike.

The charities we are helping this year are:

  • The Sunday Centre – supports vulnerable homeless people
  • Molly’s fund – supports young people’s mental health
  • Accessibility Derbyshire – works to make the peaks accessible to all
  • Music in Hospitals – creates joy in hospitals through music
Tickets cost £30. This includes:
  • Hostel accomodation
  • Insurance
  • A restaurant meal
  • Club entry in Edinbrugh
  • A limited edition Bummit t-shirt
  • Bummit bible and a goodie bag
  • Safety phone hotline and 24/7 SU support
You can organise your own transport back to Sheffield, or stick around in Edinburgh (go see mates, see the sights, and more). We’ll provide an optional return coach on the 11th for an additional cost (not included with the ticket), so you can get back to Sheffield without worry!
Baby Bummit is also a precursor to Big Bummit, our week-long adventure-of-a-lifetime hitchhike through Europe during the Easter holidays.
More questions? Send us a message or come down to one of our socials to chat to the committee in person. Many past Bummitteers say it’s one of the best things they did at uni, and they wish they’d done it in first year, so don’t miss out!