Will Brexit affect Bummit in 2019?


 The UK is currently due to leave the EU by Friday 29th March. Following Parliament’s rejection of Theresa May’s proposed Brexit Bill on 15 January, a lot of uncertainty currently surrounds Brexit. However, on behalf of Sheffield Students’ Union, Bummit Committee’s ‘Big Bummit to Transylvania’ (which starts on Monday 8th April) will go ahead as planned. This for the following reasons:


The Travel Association, ABTA  advises that “Even if we are in a no-deal scenario, the European Commission has said that UK airlines will still be able to operate flights between the UK and the EU. The UK government has offered similar assurances for EU airlines…The European Commission announced in November 2018 that, even in a no-deal scenario, UK travellers can still visit the EU without a visa, providing the same is offered to European citizens visiting the UK…The European Commission has said that from 2021, UK citizens will need to pay a fee (of around 7 Euros) for this visa exemption.” See the full European Commission statement and the UK Government statement on what arrangements will be in place if it’s a ‘no-deal’ situation. And for background, this BBC media article.


In a ‘no-deal’ brexit, the UK Government simply advises UK nationals to plan ahead before travelling – e.g. check specific passport entry requirements, mobile phone data/use and banking arrangements; plus buy comprehensive travel insurance. This is super important. EHIC cards will be invalid in a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. You’ll need to choose insurance which covers you for this scenarioThis is sensible stuff for any student traveller.  Refer to UK Government advice here. There’s more on passports requirements here.


Of course, as usual our EU/non-EU students should also check individual visa and passport entry requirements as the trip involves hitchhiking across Europe and ends in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania in Romania. The Student Advice Centre will be running a workshop for international students  to help with visa questions and the application process. There is no need to book. Just turn up to Workshop 1 (GO4), The Diamond on February 13th at 6pm.


Going forward, Bummit Committee and Sheffield Students’ Union do anticipate that Brexit could impact future Bummit trips (perhaps in 2020 or 2021). Much depends on whether the UK remains a part of things like the European Economic Area or single market remaining involved in either could ensure that UK citizens can still travel through various European countries without needing a visa. And it is unclear when all this will get decided. It could be one of our last uncomplicated Bummit trips for UK students! Or nothing much might change. But whatever the future, we’ll face it head on!