What is Bummit?

In a few words – we raise funds for charities within Sheffield and South Yorkshire by hitchhiking from Sheffield to somewhere in the UK for Baby Bummit, and then to somewhere in Europe for Big Bummit!

One of the most common questions that we hear (after what are you doing?!?) is ‘Why are you called Bummit?’


    1. (transitive, colloquial) To ask someone to give one (something) for free; to beg for something.
      e.g. “Can I bum a lift to the next service station?”

Early RAG posters refer to the first big event as ‘Bum it to Budapest’. After the hitchhike broke away and became its own society, the name was shortened and eventually became ‘Bummit’. Obscure origins, but the name is great. Completely unique and identifiable.  

And, after fifteen years, the name has become familiar to the people of Sheffield and people around Europe alike, making it easier to raise that sponsorship and to blag lifts from bored truck drivers, who may even regale you with tales of meeting bummiteers from the past

Beg, Borrow, but don't steal!

People taking part in the events are not restricted to hitchhiking for the entire distance, the use of public transport is permitted. The fee of using public transport can often be waived by showing, for example, a train conductor or bus driver the letter printed in the Bummit Bible, a booklet given to each participant. 

This handy tome contains safety information, contact details of the British embassies in most European countries, and a letter from the students union, as well as good hitching spots, handy phrases and fun things to pass the time.

How do I Get Involved?

Each academic year we have two great events, which you have the opportunity to participate in. Baby Bummit & Big Bummit. Baby Bummit is a smaller event involving 200 students who attempt to hitchhike to a location in Great Britain in one day.


Once there, we have a meal and night out to celebrate. Big Bummit is much larger and involves upto 300 students exploring all different areas of Europe in an attempt to make it to a halfway point and and end destination over a period of around 9 days. Again, there is a meal and two nights out to celebrate!


The two types of "Bummit"

Baby Bummit

Baby Bummit is a small event involving 200 students who attempt to hitchhike from Sheffield to an endpoint location within Great Britain in one day (actually 10 hours).

From past Baby Bummits, the endpoint location is usually somewhere around Wales, Scotland, or Brighton. The directional cycle is repeated every 3 years.

This event is great if you are new to hitchhiking! It will provide a glimpse to what Big Bummit feels like. 

Once arriving at the endpoint, free accommodation, meal, and a night-out is included to celebrate a day of hitchhiking! We organise a reasonably priced bus back to Sheffield the evening of the next day with limited spaces, or you can stay for longer and make you’re own way back.

To sign up for this exciting event, you will need to purchase a ticket from the box office in the union or online. Make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment, as this event is famous for attracting big queues and selling out on the day. You can then go online to fill out the registration form. You are required to raise a minimum of £80 sponsorship to support Sheffield RAG’s worthy causes. 85% of the money raised goes to local charities in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, with the remaining 15% supporting charities further afield.

For 2023, Baby Bummit was on the 8th of November and we went to Glasgow!

Big Bummit

Big Bummit, as the name suggests, is a longer event involving around 300 students who attempt to hitchhike from Sheffield to an endpoint location in Europe. Split into two halves, students hitchhike from Sheffield to a halfway point, and then from a halfway point to an endpoint location.

Since 2003, Bummit has visited cities like Bucharest, Ljubljana, Split, Sofia, Riga, Budapest via Halfway points such asBerlin, Munich, Wroclaw, Prague.

This is the ultimate hitchhiking event ever. This is the best Bummit has to offer. Up to 9 days of hitchhiking from Sheffield to Europe. If you ever wanted to travel across europe without spending a penny on transportation (besides the return journey), THIS is your ultimate chance!

At the halfway point we organise a night-out and accommodation for you. Once arriving at the endpoint, free accommodation, meal, and a night-out is included to celebrate what is essentially days of hitchhiking across half (or most) of Europe!

To be one of the first people to find out the Big Bummit location for this year, ensure you take part in Baby Bummit as the we announce the location just before the night out!