Is Bummit Safe?

Bummit has many safety procedures in place to ensure that all participants remain safe and confident during the trips – safety is our absolute number 1 priority as we are fully aware of the risks involved in hitchhiking.

How do we make Bummit safe?

So long story short, yes, the idea is for at least 100 students to hitch rides with strangers to reach an organised endpoint.

This is done in teams of 2 or 3 students and one of them HAS to be a boy in order for the team to partake, and the boy has to be first in and last out of each vehicle. We have been covered by an insurance policy since 2003 which includes this rule as well as not hitching alone or in the dark EVER! We also encourage participants to get public transport if they get into any difficulty (it’s not a rule that they absolutely can’t)

We cover these rules in a very comprehensive and compulsory Safety Talk ahead of the trip, in addition to briefing the students on how to remember number plates and how to stay out of/deal with unsafe situations, should they arise.

During the trips we have an Advice Phone and a Safety Phone available for participants to call at any time, as well as a dedicated member of SU staff in Sheffield to support us. We also have an online tracker which they can fill in for parents and friends to stay up to date with their journey.

In addition to all these precautions, during international trips (which last ~8 days) we ask students to check in with us over the phone every evening so we are aware of their location and where they are spending the night. If we don’t get any news from a participant in 24 hours, we will contact the British Counsulate (although we have never had to do this!).

Finally, if it helps put your mind at ease, Bummit is a registered charity and has been putting these events on since 2003.

Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any more questions or concerns.