This year we couldn’t go out into the world… so we’re bringing the world to us!

What even is a ‘virtual hitchhike’?

To be honest… we don’t even really know. What we DO know is that a lot of us have become used to using video conferencing tools, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. So instead of travelling across Europe in kind strangers’ cars, we want to travel across the internet on their laptops. But why stop at Europe? That’s right… Bummit’s gone GLOBAL. Though since this isn’t the usual kind of event we do, it’s better to call it Bummish.
Using our virtual scratch map, the brave internet surfers will split into teams and race to meet people around the globe in as many countries as possible. Feel free to browse around our website to see what we usually do, and what charities we work with.

Sounds great! How can I get involved?

Donate, donate, donate! Bummit works with fantastic charities across the UK. We’ve raised over 1 million pounds for charity, and will continue to raise money as long as there are hitchers to hike! If you’d like to donate, please give whatever you can to our Virgin Money Giving page. So far, for this event, we’ve raised over £600! 
On the day of the event, if you want to see how the teams are doing, you can absolutely do so via our virtual scratch map tracker system. Finally, while the event itself isn’t a competition, it’s always nice to get a bit competitive. Below you can see the list of challenges each team will strive to achieve. If you can help them out, now’s your chance…


Thank you for your kind support. Donate here.

On a call with one of our teams? Here’s the list of challenges they’re trying to complete!

✓ Get a cooking lesson or have a look at a local food/delicacy

✓ Learn a phrase in their language

✓ See the view out the windows of their home

✓ Get a tour of the local streets/town centre (if it is safe and legal to do so)

✓ Get them to play you an instrument and/or local song

✓ See if they have a country flag to get a screenshot

✓ Get as many faces behind one camera as possible

✓ Meet a celebrity!

✓ Get a tour of their house

✓ Get a screenshot with a pet

Looking for the Bummish Bible? Click below.